The premier wrestling federation in the world of sport, the Outlaw Wrestling Federation is the only federation that has any credibility attached to its world heavyweight title. Through its promotion of the OWF Heavyweight Championship and its current champion "Captain All-American" Chris Alexander, the Outlaw Wrestling Federation sets the standard in catch-as-catch-can competition with its roster all competing for a title that can only be won through true grit, determination, toughness, and fighting spirit. This is not entertainment, these are not cartoon characters, this is professional wrestling as it was meant to be handed down to fans from their forefathers who founded this rugged individualistic sport. Now celebrating sixteen consecutive years holding the top prize in pro wrestling, Captain All-American has defeated all challengers to his prestigious title of Heavyweight Champion while enjoying the monetary benefits associated with carrying the top prize in the federation. The self proclaimed "Icon of Americana", considers himself the greatest world champion of this generation or any generation but others call him a coward who will go to any underhanded lengths to avoid a challenge or cheat his way out of one he can't duck. Regardless of his methods he still stands unpinned and has yet to submit to a challenger's hold and thus rightfully wears the belt while taking every available opportunity to remind everyone else why he's better than they are. The number one contender for the championship is new arrival "The Black Machine" Kendrick Jefferson. The Black Machine has watched the champion for four years, all the while plotting his assault on the champion's reign and now has arrived in the OWF with only one mission in mind, to finally shut Captain All-American's mouth while taking his beloved championship gold at the next one-on-one encounter he is able to obtain from the champion.


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